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Mission Statement
For many executives frequent, unexpected, involuntary job terminations are a major impediment to planned Career Growth and Financial Success. While some executives have become better at managing the process of changing employers and staying on plan, the majority consider it a major interruption of their lives and struggle with the tasks involved in securing the next, best opportunity. EC and CC was formed to provide executives with highly individualized and confidential career consulting that alleviates a significant portion of the time, effort and stress associated with a job change.

Our mission is to maintain the executive’s vertical career and financial growth. Our goals are to reduce, and if possible eliminate downtime in-between jobs and help secure the highest quality opportunity available. We strive to earn the respect of our clients and want to be the firm of choice for executives who are experiencing, anticipating or who desire a career change. For executives who want to improve their career within their current company, EC and CC offers individualized leadership coaching designed to have a positive impact on both executive performance and goal attainment.