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Key premises
It is common that executives experience dissatisfaction about some aspects of their assignment. They may be related to relationships, imposed limitations, significant market turns, compensation, lack of growth potential, burnout or a combination of factors that are making the job unpleasant. Some “dissatifiers” are situational and many are resolvable, but many are not. A key decision that most executives encounter at some time in their career is knowing when to pull the plug and call it a day. That decision is affected by a number of variables related to the degree of dissatisfaction, the financial implications of walking away, the resistance of not wanting to quit or fail, your acceptance in the market to another assignment, your authorship and sense of identity with your current employer, and the general distaste associated with identifying and securing a new career opportunity.

The first step in making a decision of this magnitude is “do not make it in isolation.” Executive Coaching and Career Consulting is in the business of guiding executives’ careers toward professional and financial success. An EC and CC consultant will provide a confidential outside, fresh perspective that is designed to carefully evaluate all of the variables affecting this decision. In some instances, leaving may not be your best option or the timing of your resignation may warrant further consideration. Having an experienced sounding board with whom you can discuss these sensitive issues in confidence, will give you increased clarity of thinking.

Successful leadership careers are built on good strategy. Executives grow their careers through a series of sound judgments. Many executives have engaged mentors to be sounding boards for their decisions and actions. EC and CC will be your sounding board through critical career decisions and guide you successfully through the consequences of those choices. If you choose to remain in a job you dislike you will require a new approach to make it successful. If you leave you will require support to identify and secure a new career. Regardless of your decision, EC&CC will transition you successfully to the next destination.