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Transition Support
If you decide to resign… having a new job to go to is a good idea.

Identifying and securing a new job, however, is often awkward or difficult because of the demands of your current assignment. Most executives do not have adequate time, skills, connections or knowledge to secure the best, next career opportunity. The most available methods used are retained executive search firms or published/posted opportunities. While these options represent substantial leads, they may not represent the "most ideal" next long term assignment. Clearly, two of the biggest impediments to long term career achievement and associated financial success are inadequate career planning and a lack of relevant information related to job selection.

When you engage EC and CC to partner with you on the identification and selection of your next assignment, you accomplish four things:

  • You relinquish a large portion of the time and effort associated with locating your next assignment to a trusted and knowledgeable career consultant, significantly reducing your work load and stress level.

  • You will feel confident that your next career opportunity will be well thought out in terms of your expectations and will make sense to your long term career goals. Most often these opportunities are not published or brokered through search firms.

  • You will be well prepared to enter the market with a competitive edge as a viable executive candidate.

  • EC&CC will help you with strategies to ensure your search remains confidential and is professionally managed.