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EC and CC's leadership coaching model
Situations where executive coaching can make a fast, observaable difference in Leadership and business coaching
Key premises supprting EC and CC's coaching model
10 step process for coaching to improve leadership development
EC and CC's leadership coaching model:
The executive client is an accomplished adult that would benefit from an experienced leadership mentor to improve his/her contributions to the business. Executive coaching is positioned as a developmental investment in a valuable executive asset.
The level of impact associated with an executive's responsibility and the complexity of corporate settings require highly personalized, confidential and tailored approaches to leadership development.
Executive coaching is an intensive intervention focusing on specific areas of development. The goal is to achieve rapid behavior changes yielding accelerated performance improvements.
Coaching centers around the preservation of core strengths that make an executive great, making suggestions for improvements where required to create greater balance and leadership excellence.
Recommendations are made within the context of the organization's culture and operating styles of other executives to ensure individual and team success.
Executive coaching is cost effective in organizations that have experienced rapid growth, where executives have not attained adequate leadership development. It is also effective in flat or matrix organizations where resources are limited. Executive coaching is also valuable to fast-paced, rapidly changing companies where time is crucial and resources are stretched. Engaging an executive coach in these situations as an extension of management can substantially improve business performance.