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Preparing for your involuntary termination of employment
What to do when you reach "free agent" status
EC and CC commitments to our Executive Clients
Offering personalized, confidential, experienced, responsive end to end services
Reasons why traditional career transition firms do not meet executive expectations
Reasons why executives should seek professional representation when looking for a job
Estimating the time to identify and secure your next ideal career opportunity
Fully understand the client's career goals and expectations in order to provide targeted guidance designed to achieve immediate and long-term success.
Provide comprehensive career counseling related to best-fit strategies, alternative careers and integration of client's strengths and interests resulting in a defined and achievable career plan and maximum career satisfaction.
Thoroughly define all characteristics of client's next assignment including: the size and scope of the desired next assignment, geographic location, compensation requirements, and description of target companies.
Enhance client's presentation for maximum influence including resumes, interview skills, references and network meeting presentations.
Thoroughly prepare client to enter marketplace strategically and tactically. Partner with client to develop a mutually agreed upon timeframe, process and strategy to market client effectively. This includes planned distribution of resumes and cover letters to published opportunities and retained search firms, identification and introduction to target companies and network contacts.
Reduce client's transition time by identifying target companies for potential employment, introducing relevant network contacts and developing job leads.
Complete significant, behind-the-scenes preparation to pre-establish client's credibility, remove awkwardness associated with cold calls and create a market awareness of client's capability and career objectives.
Respond to a career transition activity pace that is comfortable with client's method of operating and sense of timing.
For corporate-sponsored clients, reimburse costs for agreed upon career transition expenses, including fees, materials and office equipment.
Meet with client (one-on-one) on a regularly scheduled basis. Consultant's ratio to clients will never exceed eight, guaranteeing consultant's accessibility to client when required.
Maintain strict confidentiality of all communications discussed between client and consultant.
Assist client with offer letters and employment contracts when responding to or negotiating offers of employment. This includes: pre-determined separation agreements, cash compensation, bonuses, executive incentive programs, savings and pension plans, stock options, grants and performance awards, sign-on bonuses, and other perks and benefits.