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Preparing for your involuntary termination of employment
What to do when you reach "free agent" status
EC and CC commitments to our Executive Clients
Offering personalized, confidential, experienced, responsive end to end services
Reasons why traditional career transition firms do not meet executive expectations
Reasons why executives should seek professional representation when looking for a job
Estimating the time to identify and secure your next ideal career opportunity
Your termination of employment is inevitable! The average length of employment in the US is under three years. In addition to acquiring cutting edge skills as an executive in your profession/ industry, it is also important to become an expert at navigating your career through multiple employers, keeping the transition times short and the career path vertical.
Career savvy executives have turned what is generally considered a distasteful event into a rewarding process. Knowing what to do and when to do it, maintaining your composure and capitalizing on your termination of employment will result in your being able to transition financially and professionally better off than you were before.
This process requires sound planning and preparation in a number of critical areas ranging from giving serious consideration to your “next best move,” the process you are going to use to identify and secure it… to negotiating your severance package and exiting gracefully from your current company. Should you wait for a separation package to be offered or accept a new job offer now? How aggressive should you be in your job search and when is the best time to launch your campaign? These are only a few of the issues executives will encounter when faced with the reality that their job is ending.
Executive Coaching and Career Consulting will help you every step of the way from the moment you determine you may be “at risk” to negotiating the compensation package of your next “ideal” assignment. You will have sound strategic and legal advice from a confidential consultant who has helped thousands of executives evaluate their options when faced with “anticipated termination of employment.” It is valuable advice. A great portion of what you do and say will impact your leverage to successfully position yourself to secure a new opportunity. Given the magnitude of what is at stake, mistakes can be very costly. We will help you sort it all out and make the best decisions for you, your family and your future!